Trustees and Fiduciaries is an independent trustee.

We are wholly owned and controlled by legal professionals residing in the Cook Islands who have more than 50 years combined experience in trustee company operations. We have no association with any financial institution ensuring our advice and administration of trusts remains impartial and independent.

Asset protection trusts

Family trusts are used in most English law jurisdictions to provide protection of core wealth across generations against financial misadventure. This objective is continually under threat from a number of various new laws extending creditor rights and remedies.

Special Services

The key role our directors have played in the inception and development of Cook Islands asset protection legislation, together with their litigation and management experience over the last 25 years enables us to provide the following special services.

Trustee Company Services

The FSC will licence a foreign trustee to carry on trustee business in the Cook Islands without establishing a physical presence if it enters into an approved managed trustee company services agreement with a resident trustee company.

We have more than 50 years of experience
in the trust industry.

The shareholders and directors of Trustees and Fiduciaries are Reuben Tylor and Iaveta Short, both New Zealand qualified lawyers and long term residents in the Cook Islands.

Reuben Tylor

Reuben Tylor pioneered and developed the first asset protection legislation for which the Cook Islands is the dominant international jurisdiction.

Iaveta Short

Has been involved in offshore industry since inception of industry in 1982. A former cabinet minister, Iaveta was awarded the Order of the British Empire in 1997.

Special Product: Asset Protected Unit Trust

In addition to standard structures, such as international companies, trusts, LLC’s foundations and LP’s, we offer clients direct access to our own Asset Protected Unit Trust. This unique investment vehicle is designed for clients wanting to achieve a high degree of protection for lesser amounts (min $100,000) without incurring expensive professional fees.